Basingestoches future is now in our hands!

Fog on Cadillac

The last step towards becoming a full status canton is in progress.  Paid members of the SCA currently on record with the Society will receive a polling letter in the mail.  This is for all members residing within the boundaries of our fair canton Basingestoches as of May 1st 2016.  The Poll has been made and approved by the East Kingdom Polling Mistress who will receive the polls as hey get sent in to her.  To make things easier and more secure I have included addressed envelopes already stamped to be return to the Polling Mistress who will then turn the results into the East Kingdom Seneschal for a yes or no decision.  All polling letters must be returned to her no later than June 7th 2016 which means in her hands, not postmarked.  I am very excited with our progress and look forward to our goal of being fully recognized at the Great Northeastern War this July.

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