Infantry Endurance Training Hike

Canton of Basingestoches (incipient)

Saturday, May 14, 2016
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Harley 326 f. 90 The Turkish army

Harley 326 f. 90 The Turkish army

Acadia National Park

Acadia Park Headquarters, 20 McFarland Ct, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

The carriage roads of Acadia National Park are built in the ancient roman style with long slow inclines, beautiful vistas, water falls and stone bridges. Where better to armor up and train our bodies to acclimate to warming temperatures, weight of armor, use of water, and to stop to have a lovely lunch while viewing the mountains and sea of Basingestoches!


Wear your armor but leave your helmets behind! Shields and weapons are optional. The purpose is to acclimate ourselves and train our bodies for the endurance of a field battle lasting 3 hours. There will be a planned lunch break so pack a lunch with plenty of water. To keep an eye on heat exhaustion there will be frequent breaks! We start together and we end together 🙂

Not a fighter?

Come hike with us! Wear your garb, pack a lunch and help make sure we all arrive together at our destination. Water bearers and camp followers have always been a tradition and for good reason; we’d love to have you come along for the hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery Basingestoches has to offer.

Follow this event on Social Media on facebook under the event title “Infantry Endurance training Hike” and view planning updates as we draw closer to the date of our hike.

You can expect to pay Acadia National Park entrance fees. Please read the blog posting on May 12th on the Basingestoches website to find out the exact route that will be taken on the carriage roads.

Updated: 05/12/2016