Business Meeting

2pm November 8th. 2020 there will be an online meeting. For a meeting link please email

Canton of Basingestoches Business Meeting Agenda
1. Call to Order/ Attendance
2. Officer Reports
* Exchequer
* M.o.A.S.
* Herald
* Knight Marshall & Chatelain
3. Event Recaps
* In Basingestoches
4. Future Events
* In Basingestoches
– Parade/Demo July 4
– Feast of St. Sylvester
5. Officer Nominations 6. Other Business
* Thrown Range
* Archery Range
* Fighting / Fencing Practice Locations?
* Continuing Project Nights
7. Next Meeting
Date / /
8. Adjournment

Keep Marching Forward!

While many of our activities have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 there are still many things we can do to enjoy our hobby.

  • Research new projects
  • Learn new skills
  • Endewearde Brewers Guild Challenge
  • Practice your martial skills in your back yard
  • Participate in the many online classes being offered for free
  • Update your EKWiki

We look forward to seeing everyone again around the campfire and share stories.