Group Activities, Meetings, and Practices

The Canton of Basingestoches is constantly expanding its local activities. With the start of nice weather there are plans to hold archery and thrown weapons practice (to be announced).


You can view upcoming official SCA events and SCA sanctioned activities on the Canton of Basingestoches Calendar.

The Canton of Basingestoches is part of the Barony of Endewearde. You can view the Baronial Master Calendar and see a wider variety of activities being offered within the Barony of Endewearde’s borders which includes the Canton of Basingestoches and the Canton of Wyndriche.

You may also wish to visit the East Kingdom Event Calendar to see what SCA events are being held across the East Coast in Atlantic Canada and Eastern New England states.


Business meetings are held quarterly and open to all. You do not need to be a paid member to attend, only to vote. These meetings are in person with virtual options via Google Meet and will be posted 2 weeks in advance. No garb is required for these meetings.

Canton Project Nights

SCA Project Nights will be held at the home of Lord Thomas de Marr and Leijsbet van Catwiic. Come and learn about medieval heraldry, learn to make medieval garments, get inspiration for a new project, or just hang out for awhile. These gatherings will begin in June once again so please stay tuned for more information.

No special clothing is needed – just everyday street clothes are fine.

Please contact Lord Thomas de Marr for more information and driving directions to his home at

Martial Combat Activities

Heavy Armored Combat & Fencing

Currently there are weekly practices in Bangor Sundays at 1pm. The location is the Eastern Maine Community College Gymnasium.

Archery Practice Will be announced when the weather permits. There will be weekly practices in Bangor. Efforts are under way to create an archery range in the Ellsworth area for this season.

Updated 03/24/2024