The Feast of Saint Sylvester has been cancelled.  Please contact the Barony Exchequer for any refunds required in a timely manner. With an understandable lack of reservations it has been deemed necessary to postpone this event until next January but we hope to see you all at 12th Night in Endewearde.

Bar Harbor July 4th, 2017 Parade & Demo

Image of two fighters with a crowd on onlookers standing behind a picket fence. One fighter is standing over the other fighter on the ground with a huge sword impaled in his chest.

Harley 4418 f. 56 Knights in combat

July 4th Basingestoches will be marching in the Bar Harbor Parade!  We encourage any Scadians to come join us in garb to spread the word.  After the parade the plan is to have a spot on the ball fields for a meet and greet with combat opportunities.  If you don’t wish to march but want to come please do, we need folks to watch the demo site and fighters who are not tired from the journey to fight.

Set up:  Ball fields 8:00 AM

Parade: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Demo: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Any questions please email

There is a public facebook event page Demo July 4th with additional updates regarding marching in the parade and for the SCA Demo afterwards at the ballfield.

Updated: 6/29/2017

Original Author: Thomas de Marr
Updated by Bryn Millar

Business & meetings

EKOFFICERS_seneschal_colorWed September 7th The Baron and Baroness are hosting a baronial event calender meeting.  6 pm at their residence.  I encourage all officers to attend and the meeting is open to any and all interested members of the barony.  To accomodate this there will be no project night on September 7th.

September 11th is our quarterly business meeting 12 pm at Pats Pizza in Ellsworth.  There is a lot to talk about and plans to be made.  As it is the day after the Fort Knox demo this would be a great time to bring a new friend along!

Regular canton activities at this time are Project nights every Wed from 6 – 9pm at the home of Lord Thomas de Marr’ and Lady Lijsbet van Catwiic.  Endeweardes Coastal singers meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the home of Dorothy, please email for directions.

War season is coming!

Are you ready for the summer campaign season?  No I am not talking about elections! I am talking about tournaments, archery, thrown weapons, arts & sciences and general mayhem!  It’s time start preparing for the Great Northeastern War, Northern region war camp and the Pennsic War!   Endewearde, Assemble

Project Nights:  Every Wednesday night starting June 8th from 6-9pm there will be a gathering at Lord Thomas de Marr’ & Lady Lijsbet van Catwiic’s home to work on projects.  Sewing, making / repairing armor, weapon crafting, brewing, Heraldry research and good company.  This is a great time for newcomers to come and learn in a smaller gathering where things are hands on.

Archery:  Archery season in the Barony of Endewearde will start on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at the home of Baroness Margaret of Rochester and Master Godric of Hamtun from 5:00-7:00 pm and will continue through the season every Tuesday thereafter, weather and Marshall presence permitting. Remember to bring your bows and equipment for inspection as well as bug spray to fend off the insect population.  Contact the baronial archery marshal, Lord Alan of Whittlesey,
email: if you have any questions regarding archery practice.  

Thrown Weapons:  The thrown weapons practice range is located at the home of Lord Seamus na Coille Aosda: 563 Billings Rd., Hermon, Maine.  Direct questions to Seamus na Coille Aosda on Facebook, or email him at

Combat Practice:  The Barony of Endewearde will be holding combat practice on every Sunday from 4:00-7:00 pm at the Bangor Housing Authority Gymnasium, 161 Davis Road, Bangor, Maine. This includes Heavy List & Rapier.  If this is your first visit to this site then you may wish to refer to our simplified driving directionsYouth combat will be offered at practice May 15th, June 19 & 26th.


Project night Canceled

May 3rd, May 24 & May 31st there will be no project nights due to scheduling conflicts with real life.  Starting June 8 Project nights will move to Wed nights where it will stay until February at least.

Basingestoches future is now in our hands!

Fog on Cadillac

The last step towards becoming a full status canton is in progress.  Paid members of the SCA currently on record with the Society will receive a polling letter in the mail.  This is for all members residing within the boundaries of our fair canton Basingestoches as of May 1st 2016.  The Poll has been made and approved by the East Kingdom Polling Mistress who will receive the polls as hey get sent in to her.  To make things easier and more secure I have included addressed envelopes already stamped to be return to the Polling Mistress who will then turn the results into the East Kingdom Seneschal for a yes or no decision.  All polling letters must be returned to her no later than June 7th 2016 which means in her hands, not postmarked.  I am very excited with our progress and look forward to our goal of being fully recognized at the Great Northeastern War this July.

February Business Meeting

Our Quarterly meeting is right around the corner on Sunday February 21 12pm at Pats Pizza in Ellsworth. The Agenda is as follows:

Basingestoches Business Meeting, February 21 2016
1. Officer reports
A. Exchequer
C. Herald
D. Seneschal & Chatelaine
E. Knight Marshal
2. Canton status (Incipient)
3. Canton Charter
4. Event recaps
A. Feast of Saint Sylvester
5. Future Events
A. Cock & Bull Tavern at Jehans
B. Garb workshop
C. Infantry Endurance Training Hike
D. Tourney by the Sea June 4th
E. Bowman’s Burn
F. 4th of July Demo
6. Other business
7. Next meeting
8. Adjournment

New Officers!

Greetings Basingestoches,

We had our Canton Business Meeting On Sunday July 19 and many good things were discussed and decisions made.  Our big announcement is 3 officer positions have been filled and are as follows.

Knight Marshal – Hrafn Is Augu

Deputy Seneschal – Nuttus Assingdone

Deputy Exchequer – Gaius Fabious